Isn’t it time we fought well?


Having an argument or disagreement  are a natural function of coexistence. We can’t live and work together, expressing ourselves honestly, without some kind of rub.

But most of us learn that conflict is to be avoided, quickly resolved or a battle that we must win (or perhaps lose, to keep the peace).

Conflict is simply hitting the edges of your understanding.

So every time we choose to bounce off those edges instead of peering over the side, we miss the greatest opportunity for learning, connection and creativity that’s available to us.

How to Fight Well is a practice for getting more comfortable and confident with conflict so that we can use it to learn, to create and to connect.

Built on the fundamentals of NVC (non-violent communication), transactional analysis and neurophysiology, we take a theory-and-tools based approach to learning.

We learn how to change our perceptions and behaviours, how to calm our stress responses and how to develop curiosity in the face of conflict.

This is about becoming more connected - to ourselves and each other - in order to live more fully and work more creatively, together.