Coaching and support

Find a trusted guide to show you how to cut through the drama of conflict so you can show up with everything you’ve got to give.

I’ve taught this work to CEOs and senior team leaders, mediators and facilitators, parents and teachers.

Regardless of their role or background they all share one thing in common: they have never been taught how to work with conflict.

It doesn’t matter whether you command billions of dollars in spending and a global workforce or your time is spent bringing up two children - unexamined, conflict can cause stress, confusion and self-doubt.

And this is where I start, if we work together.

How I work

The first thing we do is create a solid understanding of conflict and your relationship to it.

I’ll take you through the simple ideas that completely reframe conflict so that you can immediately find more ease and clarity when it shows up.

Once we’ve created this ground to work from we’ll cover tools and techniques that can turn difficult conversations into open dialogue.

If you need it, I’ll continue to be a trusted partner to hone your skills with or to throw you the rope when you slip.

I can show you this because it’s the work I’ve done for myself and for many others, with some great teachers. Not because I have mastered it but because I’ve invested myself in it and spent more time ‘lost in these woods’ than most.

I can work with you in one of two ways:

  • Remotely, online - I work with a handful of people who are eager and committed to changing how they show up in conflict through one-to-one sessions online. We start with training on the basics so that you have a solid frame of reference and set of methods. We can then move into situational coaching where we explore specific issues or behaviours that you’d like to be more flexible and responsive to.

  • Residential, in-person - once a month, I have a space for one person to stay on our four-acre smallholding in the rural Southwest of England. You can spend between 3-5 days working closely with me, to dive deep into the practice and to find new ways to think and act in conflict. You’ll stay our a self-contained converted barn on the edge of a nature reserve by the Atlantic coast. You can find out more here

Get in touch

Email or call +44 (0) 1288331101 for a conversation.

Max St John

People I’ve recently worked with include:

  • CEO, sustainability consultancy

  • Chief Exec, religious institution

  • Director, public service organisation

  • Chief Human Resources Officer, security services

  • Mediators, facilitators, other coaches

  • Parents, teachers, partners

Max has a deep understanding of the human heart in a way that is entirely free of bullshit.
— Chief Exec