Working with teams

Systematically teaching every member of your team how to embrace difference so they can do the work they want and need, together.

A team’s ability to work with conflict defines the limits of its creativity, productivity and wellbeing.

Disagreement can become an opportunity for improving on ideas, for doing less and achieving more, for understanding each other better.

Or - when avoided or used as a weapon to 'get your way’ - it creates stagnation, confusion and stress.

Especially now, when the landscape is so rapidly changing and time feels like a scarce resource, every organisation needs teams that can skilfully navigate conflict.

How it works

I’ve been working in organisations of all sizes, across all sectors, in the UK and Europe for 15 years. I’ve observed the reality of collaboration in some of the most high pressure environments from multi-billion dollar companies to refugee camps.

Through this I’ve developed a simple and effective approach for working with conflict in nearly any situation, supported by a set of tools and methods.

This step-by-step process is easy to follow, simple to repeat and teaches the core skills for developing new competencies.

I teach the process and its principles through workshops, followed by one-to-one work and remote coaching to embed the skills.

A typical programme might cover:

  • Getting to the heart of your needs and current context

  • Preparing the ground with you and individual team members

  • Immersing everyone in the principles and practice through workshops

  • Constantly building competence through coaching and support

By the end of our work you’ll have a team that has a new shared language and set of commitments to working together through difficulty, so that work flows.

Get in touch

Email or call +44 (0) 1288331101 for a conversation.

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Organisations I’ve worked with include:

WWF UK, The Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Coca Cola, The Cabinet Office, The RSPCA, The Department of Health, Virgin Media, Channel 4 Television, the BBC.

When Max is in the room, you know things are going to get done. He makes the most difficult things feel easy.
— Public service leader