Needs cards

A simple tool for connecting to what matters.


The needs cards are a pack of 50 x 400 GSM high gloss cards, each featuring a word that represents a human need.

They are a powerful tool for group work, one-to-one conversations and personal reflection.

Currently being used by team leaders, coaches and consultants, teachers, youth workers, parents and couples.

Along with the accompanying book, they've been developed through years of working with a needs-based approach to work, that can dissolve conflict and get to the heart of any issue.

The cards are available in English, French, Greek, Japanese, Spanish, Portugese and Arabic (for non-English language cards, a minimum order of three sets applies).

These cards can be used in a number of ways - in a group, with another person or on your own.

They are perfect for:

  • Creating the conditions for vulnerability and openness in a group workshop.

  • Understanding and resolving conflict or confusion in a group or relationship.

  • Uncovering the real purpose and motivation behind a business in a coaching session.

  • Creating clarity over how to focus your own attention and overcome personal barriers.

  • They are currently being used in organisations that range from large multinational firms to small, grassroots charities.

The cards are accompanied by the ebook: 'Working with Needs: A Field Guide'.