How to fight well:

Online group training

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Work alongside a small group of dedicated learners to transform your ability to work with conflict.

  • Reduce the level of stress and discomfort that conflict creates

  • Learn how to see past your own triggers to what’s really going on

  • Develop the skills to bring calm confidence to difficult conversations


Duration: 6 weeks

Group size: 8

Cost: £200

Start date: 11th Oct (then weekly)

Session times: 10am-12pm

Included: six taught sessions, one set of needs cards, ebook, supplemental reading material, digital worksheets.

About this course

Conflict is a natural part of living and working together but the way we relate to it creates confusion, distance and stress.

As a result we often avoid it or ‘fight to win’ and both choices close down the opportunities for learning, connection and creativity that are on offer.

The secret is that conflict only ever arises because there’s something we don’t yet understand - about ourselves or others.

This course teaches you how to see this truth in every difficult conversation and the tools to work with conflict, skilfully.

What we cover

Over six weeks, we use taught sessions and interactive exercises to cover:

  • Grounding yourself in difficulty: how to work with your habitual reactions so that you can choose your response.

  • Using language skilfully: how to use objective language and reasoning to create emotional connection.

  • Taking appropriate action: how (and when) to make requests of others, and when (and how) to let go.

  • Identifying the roots of conflict: how conflict starts, how it perpetuates and what’s really going on under the surface.

  • Escaping patterns of behaviour: how to spot your habitual roles and reactions to conflict and leave them behind.

  • Understanding your physical reactions: how the body’s reaction to stress affects your thinking and what to do about it.

This course was so awesome I want to go again. If you’re even a little bit tempted then go for it. Future you thanks you.
— CEO and founder

How it works

Each session is two hours long and takes place weekly, for six weeks.

We use the Zoom video conferencing software - free (to you) and a highly reliable, flexible platform for these courses.

The sessions start with a teaching on a specific topic, with time for questions and discussion.

Following this we use group exercises to try out new ideas and skills.

At the end of the session, there may be a technique to take away and practice or supplemental (light) reading.

This course has changed my relationships with everyone I come into contact with. I respond in a genuine calm and calculated manner without having to act and I no longer need approval.
— Chief Exec, Community Faith Organisation