How to fight well:

Online solo training

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Take your time to understand the nature of conflict and how to start meeting it with curiosity.

  • Understand why you react the way you do to conflict

  • Learn how to manage and care for yourself in difficult conversations

  • Develop the language to open up new possibilities


Duration: At your own pace

Group size: Solo

Cost: £95

Next course: Available now

Included: six short video sessions, supplemental reading material, digital worksheets.

About this course

Conflict is a natural part of living and working together but the way we relate to it creates confusion, distance and stress.

As a result we often avoid it or ‘fight to win’ and both choices close down the opportunities for learning, connection and creativity that are on offer.

The secret is that conflict only ever arises because there’s something we don’t yet understand - about ourselves or others.

This self-taught course introduces you to the theories and tools that will can allow you to see the truth behind each conflict and begin to show up differently.

What we cover

Over six sessions, the videos and reading material introduce you to the same topics that the group course goes into in depth:

  • Grounding yourself in difficulty: how to work with your habitual reactions so that you can choose your response.

  • Using language skilfully: how to use objective language and reasoning to create emotional connection.

  • Taking appropriate action: how (and when) to make requests of others, and when (and how) to let go.

  • Identifying the roots of conflict: how conflict starts, how it perpetuates and what’s really going on under the surface.

  • Escaping patterns of behaviour: how to spot your habitual roles and reactions to conflict and leave them behind.

  • Understanding your physical reactions: how the body’s reaction to stress affects your thinking and what to do about it.

Finally, after years of searching I have a strategy for navigating the sea of human interaction!
— Senior developer and father

How it works

Each session is focused on a specific topic, covered in a 10 minute video.

At the end of each video there is an exercise to take away and try out, along with supplemental reading material.

You can take the course as quickly or slowly as you like - the recommendation is one video per week, to give you time to practice and reflect.

You’ll be emailed a link to each video, along with any worksheets and links to blog posts that accompany it.